During the DNA-Robotics project we will recruit 15 ESRs, who will be distributed over 15 strongly connected research projects. DNA-Robotics will exploit its network structure and the expertise of the partners to create a high-quality interdisciplinary research training program, with specific attention to public outreach and both academic and non-academic career development. Training will be provided through a combination of network-wide training events, expert supervision by beneficiaries of individual research projects, hands-on research experience, and short-term visits and secondments to other DNA-Robotics participants including at least one industrial partner (Intersectoral training).

All ESRs will also be trained through advanced subject-oriented or interdisciplinary lectures, seminars, scientific conferences, workshops and schools. This broad range of training activities aims at strengthening the ESRs’ scientific background, enabling them to achieve a deeper understanding of their own and related scientific fields and providing a thorough grounding in complementary soft and transferable skills. This scientific and complementary training will be invaluable in the career progression of ESRs.

DNA-Robotics training programme will include:

  • Training at Host Institutions
  • Good Scientific Practice
  • Training through secondments
  • Mentoring and career development training
  • Complementary skills and entrepreneurship training
  • Network-wide training activities
  • Network-wide workshops
  • Network-wide seasonal schools
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