ATDBio Ltd.

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General description

ATDBio Ltd is an oligonucleotide synthesis company with laboratories in Southampton and Oxford. ATDBio specializes in the synthesis of highly pure heavily modified DNA and RNA oligonucleotides that are used in academic and commercial research in the fields of genetics, genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Oligonucleotides are supplied to laboratories throughout the world with major customers in Europe and the USA. ATDBio has around 14 staff, all with degrees or PhDs in scientific disciplines. Website:

Supervisor and expertise:

Dr Tom Brown (Jr) completed his degree and D.Phil. in chemistry and chemical biology at the University of Oxford, before joining ATDBio full-time in 2010. Tom set up ATDBio’s new R&D laboratory in Oxford in 2013, and manages the Oxford lab.

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