Aarhus University

Coordinator & full partner

General description

Aarhus University (AU) was founded in 1928. It has 34.000 students. Of these approximately 16,000 are Master’s degree students, and about 2,000 PhD students and 11000 employees. In recent years, Aarhus University has been moving up in the most important international rankings. University Ranking, indeed Aarhus University is ranked in the top 100 by several influential rankings.

Supervisors and expertise*

Kurt_2013_besk_ret_gifProf. Kurt Gothelf, Coordinator : Organic chemistry, DNA-nanotechnology.

Group website: https://gothelf-lab.com/





ESA_2015_LK_129_cutAssistant professor  Ebbe S. Andersen : DNA Nanotechnology.

Group website: http://bion.au.dk/

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