NB! This position has been filled.

Research area and project description:

The ESR will develop techniques and standards for the design and assembly of nanoscale modules, constructed using techniques of structural DNA nanotechnology, that are capable of sensing, computation and/or actuation. The modular architecture will be designed to facilitate the integration of different functionalities to create robotic systems. The project will include the creation of draft standards for modular and reconfigurable assembly of robotic devices and the creation of new techniques for DNA origami assembly.

The position is for 3 years and is funded by the PhD school DNA-Robotics, a recently established Innovative Training Network (ITN) under the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions research fellowship programme. DNA-Robotics will foster the development of a new generation of scientists with the skills required to meet futures challenges in bionanotechnology, from fundamental science to novel applications. The project will involve 3 months of secondments in total at one or more of the other partners in the network.