Research projects

Each of the 15 research positions in the DNA-Robotics consortium will be filled by candidates that are in the first four years of their research career and without a PhD degree at the time of recruitment. Furthermore, our candidates must not have lived in the country of the partner employing the candidate for more than 12 months in the last 3 years. Therefore, each of recruited candidates will be moving to a new country.

In the list below, you’ll find an overview of the projects. As the recruited researchers take turn to introduce themselves on our blog, you’ll find a link to their introduction in the list.

Researcher No. Recruiting Participant Project title Position filled
1 AU Signal transfer between modules by HCR Yes
2 AU Synthesis and application of organic compounds that undergo mechanochemical changes for actuation of DNA nanostructures Yes
3 AU RNA-based nanorobotic devices for intracellular sensing and actuation Yes
4 LMU Autonomous flagella-propelled translocation and chemotaxis Yes
5 LMU Controlled membrane actuation Yes
6 TUM Design and test of universal docks with mechanical or chemical information propagation for DNA robot modules Yes
7 TUM Artificial signal transduction across membranes Yes
8 TUM Long-range motion of nanorobots facilitated by microcarriers Yes
9 KI An activator for mechanosensitive cellular receptors Not yet
10 KI Active cellular membrane receptor cluster modulation Not yet
11 UOXF Powered linear and rotary motion for molecular robotic device Yes
12 UOXF Modular assembly of integrated nanorobotic systems Yes
13 UNITOV Designing and characterizing DNA-based responsive units Lorena Baranda
14 UNITOV Designing nature-inspired strategies to control DNA-based responsive units Yes
15 ATDBIO Induced Actuation Yes


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