The perspective for nano-sized DNA robots

This articles aims to explain the basic concepts, perspectives and the main ethical considerations regarding the concept of DNA nano-robots. This outreach paper has been written with equal contributions from all the DNA-Robotics Early stage researches. Authors are listed in random order:

Quentin Vincentini, Lorena Baranda Pellejero, Aitor Patiño Díaz, Alba Monferrer i Sureda, Michael Pinner, Yash Bogawat, Minke Nijenhuis, Angel Santorelli, Nestor Sampedro, Marco Llocaico, Igor Baars, Mihir Dass, Karol Kolataj, Joakim Bohlin, Rafael Carrascosa Marzo.

A Work From Home PhD

Hey guys! How’s it going, mate? The weird flex is cause I was supposed to be in Dublin right now downing a pint of Guinness at Temple Bar, instead, I here I am writing this from my ‘home office’ while still having a Guinness but it’s not so wünderbar. An experimental PhD and work from home can never go in a sentence together, this is as oxymoronic as it gets! But since it is a reality we dwell in currently I figured it would be fun to centre my blogpost on it.

How About a Sneak Peak? Into the Realm of DNA Nanotechnology!

Namaste everyone! Remember me from the last post? The guy who got interviewed by Ellen, on The Ellen Show? In his dreams? Yeah, that was me (if not check it out here). So today I will be talking about some sciency stuff because our DNA Robotics consortium is themed on DNA Nanotechnology. So, let’s slide along the strands of Functional DNA Nanotechnology (awkward attempt at generating humour):