A peek into a DNA-robotics laboratory

As has escaped nobody’s attention, there is currently a pandemic going on. I’m currently in my 8th week of lockdown. The first few weeks were fine, I dare say even a nice change of pace. Plenty of opportunity to focus on the office tasks of doing a lab-centered PhD: updating your labbook, writing future protocols, and reflecting on your projects in general. However, for the past 6 weeks the walls have been closing in on me and I cannot wait until I can finally get back into the lab (or attend a BBQ). If you were to ask my parents, “the lab” is this mysterious alchemy-like place where I mix one brightly colored substance with another, and where we will eventually find the cure for all diseases. That’s unfortunately not the case; the substances I mix all kind of look like water. However, the lab is still a super exciting place. In this blogpost, I will give you a tour and tell you about my experience visiting another lab.