The perspective for nano-sized DNA robots

This articles aims to explain the basic concepts, perspectives and the main ethical considerations regarding the concept of DNA nano-robots. This outreach paper has been written with equal contributions from all the DNA-Robotics Early stage researches. Authors are listed in random order:

Quentin Vincentini, Lorena Baranda Pellejero, Aitor Patiño Díaz, Alba Monferrer i Sureda, Michael Pinner, Yash Bogawat, Minke Nijenhuis, Angel Santorelli, Nestor Sampedro, Marco Llocaico, Igor Baars, Mihir Dass, Karol Kolataj, Joakim Bohlin, Rafael Carrascosa Marzo.

Can a bicycle enable science education?

Our consortium, enabled by the ERC, brought together students from nine countries to work on projects that were designed to be part of a shared goal. At the end of this work, we students will, hopefully, attain our PhDs. However, even so, I can say that none of us will arguably have the same story to tell at the end of this journey, even though we are broadly working in similar fields with noteworthy PIs.