Seeing the invisible: Biomolecular visualization

Hi everyone! Marco here, again.

What I will to talk about today is less practical than what others showed in their science course. As I said in the online science exhibition, the topic of this post is biomolecular visualization. If you are not interested in reading, just go there for some more nice pictures!

This will not be an exhaustive lecture on the field, but I will try my best to give a short introduction.

ITN meetings

Hi all!

Now that (almost) everyone has been introduced, it’s time to understand what this ITN is really about.  Other posts in this blog already explained what kind of research we are doing (if you haven’t done it yet, read the amazing post by Yash ) and about our frustrating everyday life, but I wanted to cover something a bit different.

Meet Marco Lolaico

Hej there! So, it looks like it is my turn to introduce myself. I am Marco Lolaico and I am one of the 15 early stage researchers taking part in the DNA robotics network. I am working in Stockholm at the Karolinska Institutet, in Björn Högberg’s group. I will tell a little about myself and how I arrived here. I’m warning you – I like to talk.