Finding Fulfillment in a land without Struggles

This blogpost will be a little bit different and probably quite introspective. I was born and raised in Venezuela, a Caribbean country, with undoubtedly perfect weather and easy going joyful people. My early life was not necessarily easy, but I had it better than most people. I had high quality education, a family that supported me and never lacked food in the fridge.

Online Science Exhibition no. 7

In this post for our Online Science Exhibition, PhD student Angel Santorelli from the Gothelf lab at Aarhus University, exhibits the colourful synthesis of azobenzenes in the organic chemistry lab.

For more information about the images, please read this explanatory post by Angel.

Meet Angel Santorelli


Hello there, I am Angel Santorelli and this is my story. I was born in Venezuela, a country that have been lately quite newsworthy, although not for the best reasons. Anyhow, it’s a place where the people is cozy, a little bit too warm and a little bit too loud for European standards, but still a really nice place.