Simulating DNA

Things on the nanoscale are, by definition, quite small. This poses a problem in the sense that it can be tricky to get a good look at them. Microscopes can only get you so far; although microscopy techniques are constantly improving it is still much easier (and significantly cheaper) to simulate your design at whatever level of detail you require, especially if you want to see things moving around.

Dynamic DNA Origami: I like to move it move it

Hi everyone!
I am Rafa, one of the early stage researchers that will be showing some cool stuff to you all in this online exhibition, you might remember me from other informative posts in this webpage such as Meet Rafa Carrascosa Marzo.

Aitor’s thoughts on being in an ITN

Hi dear reader,

This is Aitor again, writing from Rome…
After some thoughts, brainstorming and discussions with my colleagues from the ITN, I thought it would be interesting to publish a post about how it is like to be in an international PhD position, or a European network such as DNA-Robotics.
I believe that, if you’re going out of your master’s degree and are thinking what your next step should be, if you find yourself in application processes for PhD programs or have been chosen already, you may find some useful information by reading this post.