Simple and accessible analysis and iterative design of DNA and RNA nanostructure simulation

Analysing coarse-grained simulations of DNA and RNA nanostructures is now much easier. With the new oxView tool published by the Šulc lab, oxDNA simulations are now more accessible to experimental groups, allowing for iterative design and evaluation of structures.

The article has been published in the journal Nucleic Acid Research. Follow this link to read the full article or read Joakim’s post below for a shorter version.

Online Science Exhibition no. 7

In this post for our Online Science Exhibition, PhD student Angel Santorelli from the Gothelf lab at Aarhus University, exhibits the colourful synthesis of azobenzenes in the organic chemistry lab.

For more information about the images, please read this explanatory post by Angel.

A peek into a DNA-robotics laboratory

As has escaped nobody’s attention, there is currently a pandemic going on. I’m currently in my 8th week of lockdown. The first few weeks were fine, I dare say even a nice change of pace. Plenty of opportunity to focus on the office tasks of doing a lab-centered PhD: updating your labbook, writing future protocols, and reflecting on your projects in general. However, for the past 6 weeks the walls have been closing in on me and I cannot wait until I can finally get back into the lab (or attend a BBQ). If you were to ask my parents, “the lab” is this mysterious alchemy-like place where I mix one brightly colored substance with another, and where we will eventually find the cure for all diseases. That’s unfortunately not the case; the substances I mix all kind of look like water. However, the lab is still a super exciting place. In this blogpost, I will give you a tour and tell you about my experience visiting another lab.