Designing Nanostructures with RNA

Hello there! It’s Néstor Sampedro writing again from Aarhus, Denmark. I am part of the Andersen lab in which we are designing novel RNA molecules for biotechnological applications. Nanostructures made out of this molecule have the advantage of being produced inside cells by standard biological means. Designing RNAs is challenging but fun, on a previous blog post a cool RNA structure was shown, but how does the design of such structures work, what are the principles behind it? Keep on reading to get a sneak peek into how we use our laptops and pipettes to design RNA origami nanostructures!

A Work From Home PhD

Hey guys! How’s it going, mate? The weird flex is cause I was supposed to be in Dublin right now downing a pint of Guinness at Temple Bar, instead, I here I am writing this from my ‘home office’ while still having a Guinness but it’s not so wünderbar. An experimental PhD and work from home can never go in a sentence together, this is as oxymoronic as it gets! But since it is a reality we dwell in currently I figured it would be fun to centre my blogpost on it.