Molecular Structures

In this post for our Online Science Exhibition, PhD student Marco Lolaico from The Hogberg lab at KI exhibits Molecular Structures.

Hello there! Marco here, time for my “online Science exhibition”.

What I want to show you here, and explore more in my blog post, is a topic that I think is very interesting: biomolecular visualization.

To know more about it, just head to my online lecture!

For the moment, just enjoy some cool scientific art.  

Proteins are at the base of cellular functions. But how do they look like? Well, something like this.

Figure 1. Depiction of an antibody. PDB entry: 1IGT. Credits: [1].

This is how a typical antibody is. Their main aim is to fight threats to the body.

Threats like, for example, viruses. This brings us to the next figures. In figure 2 is the spike protein from SARS-Cov-2, that we all know. The spike protein is the main protein involved in the binding and entrance of SARS-Cov-2 in cells.

Figure 2. Depiction of SARS-CoV-2 spike. PDB entry: 6VXX. Credits: [2].

But we do not have to stop at single protein level!

Figure 3. This illustration shows a cross-section of a small portion of an Escherichia coli cell. Credits: [3]

But sometimes, static figures are not the best way to see a process. For example, here is an animation for DNA replication:

Click to watch the movie

 But what about DNA nanotech, the reason we are all here?

In the figure you can see the results of a simulation of one of my DNA origami structures. Not as pretty like the previous examples, but it is mine.

Figure 4. A DNA origami octahedron rendering from a simulation.


[1]. PDB 101. Molecule of the Month. Accessed: 2020-11-19

[2]. PDB 101. Molecule of the Month. Accessed: 2020-11-19

[3]. PDB 101. Molecular Landscapes by David S. Goodsell. Accesses: 2020-11-20.

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