Online Science Exhibition no. 3

In thispost for online science exhibition, we will learn about examples of DNA systems powered by antibodies presented by Lorena Baranda Pellejero from Ricci’s lab at University of Rome Tor Vergata. To get some more information about each of them, Lorena goes more into detail in this explanatory post.

A molecular slingshot made from DNA able to “shoot” its cargo in specific locations, i.e., where the antibody is present.

This figure is from the article Antibody-powered nucleic acid release using a DNA-based nanomachine (Ranallo S, Prévost-Tremblay C, Idili A, Vallée-Bélisle A, Ricci F.  in Nature Commun 20178, 15150).


DNA-based sensor that exhibits fluorescence when the single strands are brought into close proximity by a specific antibody.

This figure is from the article Programmable Nucleic Acid Nanoswitches for the Rapid, Single-Step Detection of Antibodies in Bodily Fluids (Porchetta A, Ippodrino R, Marini B, Caruso A, Caccuri F, Ricci F.  J Am Chem Soc 2018140, 947-953.)


Antibodies trigger the activation of DNA tiles that self-assemble to build a DNA-based nanostructure.

This figure is from the article Orthogonal regulation of DNA nanostructure self-assembly and disassembly using antibodies (Ranallo S, Sorrentino D, Ricci, R. Nature Commun 2019, 10, 5509)

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