Online Science Exhibition no. 2

In the second part of our online science exhibition, Nestor Sampedro from Ebbe Andersen’s lab at Aarhus University will exhibit images about the 6-helix bundle.

In this related post, Nestor provides a  more though explanation of the exhibits below.

200115_Nestor ramme 1
The RNA polymerase reads the information written on the gene and produces the respective RNA, that folds into the desired shape.


200115_Nestor ramme 2
In the explanatory post ‘The 6 Helix Bundle“, you will find a video animation of this 3D model.
200115_Nestor ramme 3
With only 4 different motifs that we find in nature it is possible to build a 3D structure like the 6-helix bundle. These bundles are just below 20 nm long, scale bar is 100 nm.


200115_Nestor ramme 4
You will also find a simulation of a 6-helix bundle made out of RNA in the related post.  These devices are actually quite floppy and this is an approximation of how they would look inside a cell!



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